President´s letter about new Organization changes

Sotogrande, March 6, 2017 Dear friends, As the President of Santa María Polo Club (SMPC), I am pleased to announce some major changes in our Staff and Club’s Organization, Activities and Events. All these changes are motivated by a new Club’s scenario due to the future opening of the high standing hotel project in Los […]

Acción Torneo Internacional 2016. Foto: Snoopy Productions.

Santa MarIa Polo Club changes the International Tournament’s High Goal

Sotogrande, March 6, 2017   Santa Maria Polo Club (SMPC) has decided to change the High HCP from 22 to 20 goals, for this 2017 International Tournament. The Club has taken this decision, after consulting with several polo teams, in order to improve the Competition. The world of Polo is involved in a process of […]

Dubai Campeón de la Copa de Oro

Dubai champion of the Cartier Gold Cup in High Goal

Sotogrande, August 28, 2016 Dubai is the champion of the Cartier Gold Cup after beating Ayala Polo Team in the final by 12-7. They have achieved the most important trophy in the 45th INDI International Polo Tournament. Dubai rises for the second consecutive year the Gold Cup after a thrilling encounter decided in the last […]


Emeritus king Juan Carlos de Borbón delivers the Cartier Gold Cup to Dubai

Sotogrande, August 28, 2016 The final of the Cartier Gold Cup in High Goal was played this afternoon on Los Pinos fields at Santa María Polo Club during the 45th INDI International Polo Tournament. Dubai defeated Ayala Polo Team by 12-7, despite the fatal fall suffered by Adolfo Cambiaso. Santa María Polo Club had this afternoon an extraordinary […]


INDI Premium, the favorite drink at Santa María Polo Club

Sotogrande, August 28, 2016   INDI, the Andalusian brand of Premium soft drinks and mixers, elaborates its natural drinks through a slow distillation and maceration of different plants and citrus from the Valle del Guadalquivir. The elaboration, a total craftsmanship, takes place in a century-old distillery located in Cádiz, a city that as it happened with Seville, became one […]

Brunei campeon

Brunei champion of the Aerolíneas Argentinas Gold Cup

Sotogrande, August 27, 2016 Brunei is the new champion of the Aerolineas Argentinas Gold Cup after defeating Golden Goose Deluxe Brand by 11-8. With this trophy, they achieve a double title in the 45th INDI International Polo Tournament with a remarkable performance: they have just lost one match during the whole month. Coincidentally, the only team that […]

Lechuza John Smith vs Jolly Rogers

Lechuza John Smith y Foxcote finalists for the Isolas 1892 Gold Cup

Sotogrande, August 26, 2016 Lechuza John Smith and Foxcote are the finalists for the Isolas 1892 Gold Cup in Low Goal, after defeating today their opponents in the semifinals of the most important trophy in this level in the 45th INDI International Polo Tournament. Foxcote defeated Bayswater by 12-8, while Lechuza John Smith did the same with Jolly […]

Santiago Stirling - Dubai vs Lechuza Caracas

Dubai and Ayala to the finals for the Cartier Gold Cup

Sotogrande, August 25, 2016 Emotions and good polo in the semifinals that took place today at Santa María Polo Club, where the attendees witnessed how Ayala Polo Team and Dubai Polo Team won their pass to the finals for the Cartier Gold Cup, the most important trophy of the 45th INDI International Polo Tournament. Ayala defeated Brunei by 13-12 in […]

Golden Goose vs Seven Sevens

Ayala Polo Team is the fourth semifinalist for the Gold Cup

Sotogrande, August 24, 2016 Ayala Polo Team is the fourth qualified semifinalist for the Cartier Gold Cup in High Goal, the competition that will take place tomorrow on Los Pinos fields. Ayala defeated Dos Lunas A&G Banca Privada by penalty shootout and won the access to this new stage in the most important tournament of the 45th INDI International Polo Tournament. Tomorrow, […]


Santa María Polo Club is ready for next year’s Sunset Valley Music Festival

Sotogrande, August 24, 2016 The leisure proposals in Sotogrande are wider now with the new music festival that Santa María Polo Club is preparing for the next summer. Sunset Valley will be an international concert series where music stars from other decades will play. Santa María Polo Club is the ideal place to carry out this initiative, a […]