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Bimba Bosé in White Party Grey Goose After Polo Sotogrande

17/08/2014 Bimba&Charlie professional and sentimental couple, put the rhythm to one of the cooler nights of the 43º Land Rover International Polo Tournament in Santa Maria Polo Club. Grey Goose Vodka, the liquor brand of the Group Bacardí that’s led After Polo Sotogrande, welcomed last night the White Party with two exception guest in charge of the […]


The best atmosphere at the INDI Fusion Experience Party

15/08/2014 The INDI Fusion Experience paty celebrated in Grey Goose After Polo Sotogrande and organized by INDI&co Botanical Drinks -official product of the 43º International Land Rover Polo Tournament-, focused the best atmosphere of the night in the 43º International Land Rover Polo Tournament. Indi Fusion Experience that count with the collaboration of Sodexo Prestige, was an success of […]


Multitudinous Silex Silver Cup final

15/08/2104 Alcanzando el ecuador del 43º Torneo Internacional de Polo Land Rover,  la Copa de Plata Silex reunió hoy en Santa María Polo Club a miles de aficio Reaching the ecuator of the 43º International Land Rover Polo Tournament, the Silex Silver Cup gathered today in Santa María Polo Club a thousand of fans to […]


Casablanca celebrates the Medium Goal Silver final

14/08/2014 Casablanca, sponsor of all the Medium Goal Cups of the 43º Land Rover  International Polo Tournament celebrated a cocktail after the awards in the indoor stand of the Pavilion Los Pinos, where is located the shop of this prestigious sport brand specialized in polo. There winners and patrones (chiefs) of the teams that participated in the Medium Goal Casablanca Silver Cup of […]


Next Sunday, benefit concert of the Santa María Polo Foundation

14/08/2014 Next Sunday, benefit concert of the Santa María Polo Foundation with the collaboration and sponsorship of Sodexo Prestige. Santa María Polo Club will host a benefit concert of the “gaditano” threesome A Dos Velas. The prize of the ticket will be 20 euros, which will be used to the  Santa Maria Polo Foundation and to its Hippotherapy Center. […]


Next Saturday, White Party in After Polo with Bimba Bosé and Charlie

14/08/2014 Next Saturday 16th August from 11.30pm, Grey Goose After Polo Sotogrande celebrates the Grey Goose White Party, the event of the weekend, with the actuation of the show Dj formed by the couple Charlie and Bimba Bosé, that will be mixing from the midnight to the final of one of the event more waited […]


Grey Goose After Polo Sotogrande celebrates the Indi Party

13/08/2014 Grey Goose After Polo Sotogrande celebrates the Thursday 14 August the Indi Fusion Experience Party that promises to surprise all the guests with his exclusive program. A fusion of cultures converted in a extraordinary and seductive path through the temp to life a shiny sensorial experience, know the history of the marc, and the Premium […]


The tightrope walkers of Jerzy Kedziora in the sky of Santa Maria Polo Club

11/08/2014 Timeless Gallery presents in the 43º Land Rover International Polo Tournament a temporal exposition of some internationals artists with a knowing trajectory. In the access of the Pavilion Los Pinos of Santa Maria Polo Club, balance in the air the beautiful balancing sculptures of Jerzy Kedziora, shiny polish artist with an international prestige, that […]


Dressed for a polo afternoon

09/08/2014 The 43º Land Rover International Polo Tournament in Santa María Polo Club becomes another year in one of the places more enjoyable to enjoy the summer afternoons in Sotogrande. Here socialize young and old people, because of the expectation that generates see playing part of the best teams of the world in this point of Spain. […]

Adolfo Cambiaso y María Vázquez

The Patron Party ace the night in Sotogrande

09/08/2014 The Tequila Patron Party at Grey Goose After Polo Sotogrande, crowned the ecuador of the Silex Silver Cup at the 43rd  Land Rover International Polo Tournament of Sotogrande. Prior to appointment, at the nightclub in Santa Maria Polo Club, Sodexo Prestige offered a roast for the 32 participating teams and their families. So, more […]


The zone between the fields II-III enjoys commercial opening

04/08/2014 One of the most outstanding novelties of the 43rd Land Rover  International Polo Tournament has been expanding its business area between the fields II-III, the area where it is located Grey Goose After Polo Sotogrande in the facilities of Santa María Polo Club. This year, near the nightlife local, the playground is open every August afternoon and […]


Grey Goose After Polo Sotogrande: the party continues

02/08/2014 The 43º Land Rover International Polo Tournament of Santa Maria Polo Club press down his nightlife agenda with the best ambient in the Grey Goose After Polo Sotogrande. Yesterday the Bombay Sapphire Party was celebrated with the performance of The Wallem Brothers DJ. Good ambient, large dose of fun and the best of the […]

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